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welcome to statistics for traders dot com!

Hello, welcome to my new website This is my first English based website and it’s designed to help individual traders with their trading by providing statistics date collected and developed by me.

Who am I?

I believe this is first question You ask right now.

Well, my name is Bogusz, which is quite unique even in my own country – Poland.

I’m a professional trader who is interested investing opportunities since 2007 and recently live from market-earned money since October 2016. On begining 2019 I also made several (8 to be specific) programms for new investing internet TV called You might know a website – TV is part of this media group. Right now, in mid May 2019 the TV is runs live programmes from 7:40am till 5:10 pm!

As a trader I focus my attention on intraday transactions related to economic calendar of GDP, CPI etc, also on commodities for mid-term (couple days to couple weeks) and intraday DAX trading.

Cooperaring with one of the Polish trading groups, called M1, we focus on Larry Williams yearly reports. But now we get from a question „who am I?” to a question:

What is on the website?

Larry Williams has something that he calls „Trading Day of the Month„. He calculate a statistics chance for having a one-way direction on each of trading days.

Let’s be honest, Larry is not that young, so I started „reverse engineering” on his concept and so far I get reports for statistics on five markets:

  • Germany DAX;
  • British FTSE100;
  • oil WTI;
  • dollar index DXY;
  • gold.

There will be more statistics coming with time than just that „Trading Day of the Month” concept, but I will inform you when on this blog.

Before I get on, please accept my apology that this website doesn’t look ready yet – I will work on it in near future,. So far I want to focus on delivering info on statistics for you Ladies and Gentelmen regularly. Also my English… Well, it has been quite long since I had to type anything in Shakespeare’s mother tongue. But I think You will get what you need anyway.


Let’s leave this basic „hello” post at this stage and focus on other things 🙂


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