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week sequence – week 25. 2019

As I said on my first post, I do my own way to Larry Williams „Trading Day of  the Month” concept. And this is a weekly sequence coming from statistics reports I developed. We will see information for 25th week of the year, 17-21th June 2019.

Sequence says if we have in next trading week one-way move on each market. I accept max one “correction” day with opposite direction. Statistic numbers claim an average strenght of sequence. I will push myself to publish each day statistics also on this blog for all of You.

Let me explain main ideas with reports:

  • I study statistics for two periods: maximum I had access to (on each market it’s different lenght) and on last 10-years period.
  • To count “strong intraday signal” I assume it has to be more than 70% for long period and minimum 80% for 10-year period.
  • Having minimum strenght on both long- and short-term period will become my “Trading Day of  the Month“.


Let’s get to numbers and sequences for upcoming days:

  • DAX: this week there is no sequences either for 24-years period as it’s nothing for 10-years period;
  • FTSE100: this week there is no sequences either for 19-years period as it’s nothing for 10-years period;
  • WTI: there is no sequence for 36-years period, but for 10-years period we have short week (70%0 with unknow way on Tuesday (50/50) and correction on Thursday (70%).
  • gold: this week there is no sequences either for 44-years period as it’s nothing for 10-years period;
  • dollar indes (DXY): for 12-years period we see three short days (72,3%) in a row since Monday;
  • S&P500: this week for 19-years period we have long sequence (64,5%) with correction on Thursday (53%), for 10-years period we have Monday-Thursday long statistics sequence (70%);
  • NASDAQ: there is no sequence for 19-years period, but for 10-years period we have three-session long sequence (66,6%) and after it we start over-the-weekend short sequence (64%) with 50/50 as correction day next Wednesday (26/06/2019);
  • Dow Jones: there is long sequence (58%) for 19-years period from Monday with correction day on Thursday (53%), there is no sequence for 10-years period.

Signals strenght

Germany DAX doesn’t have a seqence or even strong intraday signal this week.

FTSE100 has no sequences and weak intraday statistics – we won’t see anything above 60% this week.

Dollar index (DXY) doesn’t show us a clear sequence, but still three days in a row with strong average power (72,3%) is something worth watching.

Oil WTI has short sequence for 10-years period if we count 50/50 day as potential pro-sequence day. There is still no strong intraday statistics for this week.

Gold shows no sequence  and intraday statistics are weak. Best intraday statistics will be on Tuesday.

S&P500 is the one to take a look on. First, let’s see that correction days for 19-years period is different than 10-years period. Strong statistics for long period will be on Monday, for 10-years on Tuesday.

NASDAQ has no sequence for 19-years period, but still there will be strong intraday statstic on Monday. Short period shows three-session longs and then we start over-weekend sequence. Still, I don’t recommend to hold open contract over the weekend. Best intraday statistics for 10-years period will be on Monday and Tuesday.

Dow Jones Industrial Average shows sequence for 19-years period, but without strong intraday numbers, 10-years period has no sequence, but will have strong signal on Tuesday.

To deliver better service I will publish intraday statistics day before, between 6:30 and 7:00 pm GMT (1:30 and 2:00 pm EDT), so please do enjoy them!

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