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week sequence – week 23. 2019

As I said on my first post, I do my own way to Larry Williams „Trading Day of  the Month” concept. And this is a weekly sequence coming from statistics reports I developed.

Sequence says if we have in next trading week one-way move on each market. I accept max one “correction” day with opposite direction. Statistic numbers claim an average strenght of sequence. I will push myself to publish each day statistics also on this blog for all of You.

As this is my first “hard data” post, let me explain main ideas with reports:

  • I study statistics for two periods: maximum I had access to (on each market it’s different lenght) and on last 10-years period.
  • To count “strong intraday signal” I assume it has to be more than 70% for long period and minimum 80% for 10-year period.
  • Having minimum strenght on both long- and short-term period will become my “Trading Day of  the Month“.

Let’s get to numbers and sequences for upcoming days:

  • DAX: this week there is no sequences either for 24-years period as it’s nothing for 10-years period;
  • FTSE100: there is no sequences for 19-years period, but for 10-years period there is four trading days short sequence (60%) strating on Monday with “mixed day” on Wednesday (50/50);
  • WTI: this week there is no sequences either for 24-years period as it’s nothing for 10-years period;
  • gold: this week there is no sequences either for 44-years period as it’s nothing for 10-years period;
  • dollar indes (DXY): this week there is no sequences for 12-years period.
  • S&P500: for 19-years period there is small long sequence from Monday to Thursday (67%) with “correction day” on Wednesday (53%), for 10-years period there is similar Monday-Thursday sequence (63,3%) with correction on Wednesday.
  • NASDAQ: for 19-years period there is a long sequences for three first days (60%), no sequence on 10-years period.
  • Dow Jones: 19-years period shows us first four trading days long sequence (62%) with correction on Wednesday (53%), there is no sequence for 10-years period.

Signals strenght

Germany DAX indes doesn’t show much this week in sequences, but I suggest observe intraday statistics for Friday!

FTSE100 is quite similar to German one, but with a little weak 10-years period sequence with unknown move on Wednesday. Average move for sequence should be around 120 points, but if Wednesday will join to shorts, it might rise to above 180 points.

Dollar index doesn’t show us anything, intraday best statistics will be on Monday.

Oil WTI has no sequences or even strong intraday statistics. A bit better numbers will be for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but to weak to be a base for transactions.

Gold shows no sequence but has strong intraday signals on Thursday (cumulation for 44-years and 10-years periods!) and Friday!

S&P500 shows us two strong intraday signals on Monday and Tuesday, average move 17 points, maximum over 60 points.

NASDAQ has sequences for average over 95 points (max is more than 500 points!) and stronges intraday statistics on Tuesday. Might be good idea to take and hold position…

Dow Jones Industrial Average gives stronges intraday statistics on Monday, sequence has average range of 326 points (correction av. 83 points), but maksimum is almost a 1000 points with 220 points “correction day”.

To deliver better service I will publish intraday statistics day before, between 6:30 and 7:00 pm GMT (between 1:30 and 2:00 pm EDT), so please do enjoy them!

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