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monthly statistics for February 2021 – part II

monthly statistics for February 2021 - part II

As You probably notice on my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter I publish monthly statistics for selected instruments. It’s both commodities and stock indices from all around the world! It’s a proper knowledge for swing traders.

On this post I will reproduce those publications for blog purposes. Remember that full report for monthly statstics You can buy in the shop! I highly recommend bundle set – it’s 25% discount!

Let’s look on second part of data You are here for!


    35-year period: 51% long
    30-year period: 53% short

    10-year period: 60% long
  • TSX:
    41-year period: 56% long
    30-year period: 57% long
    10-year period: 70% long
    26-year period: 58% long
    10-year period: 60% long
  • Eurostoxx:
    13-year period: 54% short
    10-year period: 60% long
  • CAC 40:
    56-year period: 52% long
    30-year period: 50/50
    10-year period: 60% long
  • RTSI:
    25-year period: 64% long
    10-year period: 50/50

Have a profitable trading!

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