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intraday statistics for Friday, 31st December 2021

Just before the weekend, short post with just some Friday numbers, enjoy!

Since 1st August 2020 I publish selection for five instruments per day. Full report with 20+ instruments is available in the shop.

End of month

Due to end of the month most instruments have lower periods and some have no data available for 31st December 2021.

Intraday statistics

  • Nikkei225 26-year period: off ; 10-year period: off
  • CAC40 3-year period: 67% short ; 10-year period: n/a
  • wheat 31-year period: n/a ; 10-year period: n/a
  • silver 3-year period: 100% long ; 10-year period: n/a
  • Tesla Inc 4-year period: 75% long

If You wonder what “50/50” means – it’s just no clear statistic for that market and time period.


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