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intraday statistics for Friday, 24th December 2021

Just before the weekend, short post with just some Friday numbers, enjoy!

Since 1st August 2020 I publish selection for five instruments per day. Full report with 20+ instruments is available in the shop.

Intraday statistics

  • Nikkei225 26-year period: 59% long ; 10-year period: 60% long
  • CAC40 30-year period: 61% long ; 10-year period: 70% short
  • wheat 31-year period: 52% short ; 10-year period: 60% short
  • silver 38-year period: 66% long ; 10-year period: 80% long (!)
  • Tesla Inc 10-year period: off

If You wonder what “50/50” means – it’s just no clear statistic for that market and time period.


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