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intraday statistics for Friday, 23rd August 2019

Just before the weekend, short post with just some Friday numbers, enjoy!

Please note that end of the month often means lower long-term period.

  • gold 44-year period: 50/50, 10-year period: 50/50
  • DAX 24-year period: 67% short, 10-year period: 60% long
  • FTSE100 19-year period: 53% long, 10-year period: 80% long(!)
  • WIG20 22-year period: 55% long, 10-year period: 60% long
  • WTI 36-year period: 56% short, 10-year period: 60% long
  • DXY 12-year period: 67% short
  • S&P500 19-years period: 63% short, 10-year period: 60% short
  • NASDAQ 100 19-year period: 79% short(!), 10-year period: 80% short(!)
  • Dow Jones 19-year period: 68% short, 10-year period: 60% short

If You wonder what “50/50” means – it’s just no clear statistic for that market and time period.

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