FAANG + Tesla daily statistics incoming!

I’m happy to announce that statistics data available on this site will grown. Some of You suggested to do numbers for most traded stocks on the market and I follow that!

That’s why soon You will be able to get daily numbers for six most-traded U.S. stocks.

It will be stocks known as FAANG plus aspiring to this group: Tesla.

In FAANG there is:

  • Facebook Inc
  • Amazon Inc
  • Apple Inc
  • Netflix Inc
  • Alphabet Inc (Google)

So this will be a massive help for all stock daytraders! I hope You will find it useful…

From May 2021 it will be also part of my daily free publications on this blog, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook fanpage.

From Q3 2021 FAANG+Tesla report will become part of daily statistics bundle!


FAANG + Tesla daily statistics incoming!
FAANG + Tesla daily statistics incoming!


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