About me

Who am I?

First of all, my name is quite orginal even in my region. It’s Bogusz Julian Kasowski.

Bogusz Julian Kasowski

I’m a proffesional, but still independent, investor from Poland. I invest in different markets since 2007, so You can say that I survived two big market crashes.

My portfolio is quite wide, because I invest both in short and long term. I have stocks, estates, collective items, rare alcohol and I also use futures contracts for daytrading as well as few-weeks trading.

I also run a economy blog Prywatny INV€$TOR (since 2016) and a webpage focused on commodities market Surowcowe.info (since 2018) – both in Polish. Since December 2018 I also run my very own programms in Comparic24 – an internet TV branch of known Comparic.com brand.

I have two programms: daily “Today in USA” about United States market and twice a week “Surowcowe info” about commoditie markets.

quarterly magazine “INWESTOR” (march-may 2020)

In March 2020 my article about seasonality in wheat, soybean, corn and natural gas has been published by quarterly magazine “INWESTOR” (formely known as “FX MAG“) available here.

I’m also an tutor for many investments conferences and symposiums in Poland like:

I was also a guest for podcast BiznesTok hosted by Maksymilian Bączkowski to talk about natural gas.

And I hosted more than twelve different investment webinars between 2017 and present …

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